Our event prices change depending on how many events one registers for and how close to the event date one registers. Find more specific event pricing on our Upcoming Events page.

She Tris allows athletes as young as 10 years old to participate. You must be 10 years old on or prior to June 8, 2019.  She Tris Girl allows girls ages 4-14 to participate.

What should I wear for the triathlon? Clothing can vary depending on your budget.  A bathing suit, running shoes, a pair of shorts, and a moisture wicking shirt are all you need to get you through the event.  Triathlon shorts are nice to have but not required.  Tri shorts are worn for all three sports so you don’t have to change your clothing.   They have less padding than regular bike shorts.  Tri shorts are designed to dry quickly and be comfortable when you run and they do not feel like a diaper. All participants must wear a helmet for the bike portion of the race. Your helmet must be buckled before you leave transition. For basic gear tips, please visit our Getting Started page. Also, check out the Transition Checklist for a full list of what to bring on event day.

If you have not already picked up your packet, you will need to arrive between 5:45 and 7:10 am to do so.  Next, you will proceed to pick up your chip and get body marked.  Then set up your bike in transition according to your event number. All transition items should be set up to the right of your bike.  There will be plenty of volunteers on hand to help you, point you in the right direction, and answer your questions.

You must pick up your own packet in person with a government issued ID and USAT card (if applicable).

All entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. Absolutely no transferring or selling your bib number to another person is permitted. Considerable effort goes into producing such an event and funds are expended and applied in good faith based on a registration. Deferrals to a current year event may be considered prior to three weeks for a fee of $25. Thank you very much for your understanding of this policy.

Yes! Relay teams have returned to She Tris in 2022. Grab two girlfriends and sign up today!

Yes, She Tris Girl is an all girl triathlon for ages 4-14.

The person behind you should tap you on the foot telling you they would like to pass you.  You can be courteous and wait at the end of  the lane for them to go by you and then continue on your swim.

New or used is fine! A road or hybrid bike is the best for cycling on the road. A mountain bike or beach cruiser will be adequate, but you will work very hard to pedal.  If your budget is limited, use your old bike or your neighbor’s bike that is sitting in the garage (but get it checked out by a pro first), this will do to get you going. You do not need a brand new bike to get started.  You do need to put the appropriate pressure in your tires each time you ride your bike.

According to USAT rules no headphones are allowed on the course.  Don’t let this stop you from loudly singing your favorite tunes!

Races are rain or shine unless we determine that race conditions are dangerous. If the race is cancelled there will be no refunds. This position is consistent with USAT recommendations and with the protocol of sharing the risks associated with the sport of triathlon. In the event of inclement weather, Acts of God, or unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to alter, cancel or eliminate any/all portions of the race. Each athlete must accept any such risk of their entry fee paid including other amenities paid for such as t-shirts, insurance, and online administrative fees. All fees collected are used to develop and produce the event, including all race supplies. 

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