About Angi & Sarah

Photo of founder for She Tris Angi Klick

Angi Klick

The Founder of She Tris Triathlon, Angela (Angi) Klick, has been participating and working in the endurance sports business since 2005. She has always been a sports enthusiast, playing every sport she could. Angela has had her own rewarding and challenging experiences with endurance sports, but it wasn’t until she tried the sport of triathlon that she really felt like she had a balanced workout. She quickly became hooked and wanted to share this experience with others. Angi managed two locations of a triathlon store where she discovered how rewarding it was to work with beginners and what a difference it made to help someone get the right start. In 2011, Angela took a break from triathlon to have her two children. She missed it so much that in 2014 she invited a group of her friends (all new to triathlon) to train for a race together. Most thought she was crazy, but after a bit of convincing, they all had so much fun with the experience that the idea to start a chapter of the non-profit called Tri It For Life (TIFL) developed into the minds of Angela and a close friend of hers, Kelly Greene. TIFL inspires women of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and abilities to develop healthy lifestyles through multi-sport training, membership and commitment (Read more about our partnership with TIFL here). The closest women’s only triathlon was in North Carolina. Angela realized that there was a void in the community so she decided to plan a women’s only triathlon here, which is where the idea for She Tris began. Angi wants to continue to inspire women to put themselves first and create their own journey to becoming a triathlete.

Photo of Founder for She Tris Sarah Hays

Sarah Hays

The first time Sarah met Angi was at a triathlon store in 2010. Sarah had been challenged by a friend to sign up for a race and, being a complete novice to the sport, she needed some guidance. Angi helped Sarah squash her self-doubt, find the right equipment, and encouraged her to continue on with the sport. Sarah was running a small company at the time and the store even helped promote her services to other triathletes. Over time Angi and Sarah ran into each other at races or amongst mutual friends. Sarah raced several races in 2010 and then took time off to start a family. She rejoined the sport in 2014 and helped bring the Tri It For Life Charleston Chapter to realization with Angi, Kelly, and several other friends. Sarah raced the inaugural She Tris race and, after that year, began volunteering and emceeing the event. In 2018, Sarah officially joined the She Tris team to help expand the event series to more women in more cities.

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